The The North End

Back in the early 1920's, Ciro Giordano opened the first Italian pastry shop in the North End, specializing in cakes and old world pastries.

It was located in what is now the

famous North Square.

Ciro's son, Italo also known as Ziggy Zay, then opened his own pastry shop on Hanover Street, with the expertise of his father Ziggy.

He perfected the old world recipes with remarkable success. After a fire destroyed his shop in the 1960's, Ziggy opened a new bakery in Medford.

This was the first Italian specialty shop from the North End to

open up in Medford.

Ziggy's sons, James, Ciro, Francis and Robert learned the craft from the masters in the baking industry.

Today this bakery, opened and operated by Robert, Arthur's Pastry Shop still remains as the oldest family owned bakery in Medford.

Many years of excellent quality and outstanding service has earned Arthur's more awards than any other family owned bakery in the state.

Thank you for help keeping this tradition alive, well and going strong...

The Giordano Family

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